Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Acceptance Letter

Our daughter received her first acceptance letter today. She was offered a very nice scholarship to a school she has wanted to attend ever since the 8th grade. I am very proud of her!

Now we have to make an appointment to go over and meet with the counselors to see what other scholarships and grants are available for her. This is exciting! I had forgotten how exciting it is to get the letters and watch your child begin to plan the next phase of their life. I want to hang on to that excitement! I don't want to think about the empty quiet house next fall...So for now...I am living in the moment!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last 5K

My husband and I are very active in the parent organization at the magnet high school my daughter attends. In fact, I teach there. The parent organization always has a teacher liason, so since my daughter is a student, guess who fills that role?

Four years ago, the parents decided that they wanted to begin an annual fundraising event that would become synonymous with our school. In honor of the mascot - the Golden Knight - we decided to hold an annual 5K race in the evening. A play on words, the KNIGHT RUN. The first run netted us a small profit, but we had so much fun, we decided to try it again. Last year, we added a short fun walk. We earned double what we earned the first year. This year, we have already earned about triple that  -  even though the race is not until this evening.

This evening is my farewell as the 5K coordinator. I am both a little anxious and a little glad. Coordinating this event is not easy, but I must say, that after the first one, the 5K rather runs itself. (no pun intended.)  The parents this year have been wonderful! They jumped right on board and have really worked hard. We had plenty of sponsors, we were able to cut expenses,  and we were able to get some good publicity. I truly think that this race will continue to grow.

As I  wind down my tenure as the race coordinator, I can't help but feel as though I have helped to create a lasting legacy that can continue.