Monday, November 14, 2016

Outgrowing the Cheap Weekend

My husband and I spent the weekend down at Myrtle Beach. We went to do some shopping at the outlets. The shopping was fantastic! I have several Christmas presents done and feel like I can relax now and enjoy the Holidays a little more.

However, I have decided that I have outgrown the "cheap room" deals. We stayed where we always do, but got the $49 per night room. It reaked of smoke and must from being closed up so long.  I believe that those rooms are only opened for time share holders and short cheap stays like ours. I think the unused more neglected rooms were the ones set aside for this particular holiday deal.

Now, the staff was wonderful, the people in the restaurant treat you like family, and the hotel is always undergoing maintenance. The people seem to enjoy working there and guests are always happy and friendly. The band was great and the view was amazing. I am not knocking the resort at all. I am just saying that next time I will spend a little more for a little nicer room.  I am too old to rough it.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Painting the bathroom counter top

I FINALLY got to the bathroom counter top upstairs. I had forgotten just how terrible that paint smells!

Here is the sink after I taped it all up.

You can see the bright blue cabinet underneath as well. That was my daughter's idea when she was a teenager. That will be the next thing I paint!

Anyway, here is the first coat. It doesn't look like much but it sure did stink up the house! Thank goodness it was a nice enough day to open all the windows and to run the fans!

I really like the Rustoleum counter top paint. I had it tinted a light grey. You just prep the counter top with a light sanding and then paint this stuff on with a foam roller. I am using a foam brush to get the tough areas right around the sink itself.

Here is the final product after drying over night. The counter top cannot be used for 3 days. That is perfect because the next break isn't for another 5 days. I will put everything back so that the bathroom is usable when my daughter gets home for the long weekend.

The next project will be painting the cabinet and putting on new knobs. I have a dark grey (almost black) for the cabinet and new silver knobs.