Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weight Loss After the Nest Is Empty

This week was our daughter's first week back at college. I lost 2 1/2 pounds! Do you want to know why? I ate like adults instead of teenagers. Honestly, I don't really like chicken nuggets and pizza and hamburgers and hot dogs. But, I spoiled my daughter that last couple of weeks of summer with all of her favorites. I gained 5 pounds!!

This week there were lots of MY favorites. We had roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, grilled steak and salads. I bought fresh peaches and tomatoes from the farmers market. Yummy.

Darling Daughter is home to work this weekend. I am going to let her have a favorite for dinner tonight. One meal won't hurt, but it will be back to eating like adults tomorrow!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rough Start

This has been one of the roughest starts to a school year that I have ever experienced. At first, I thought it was a sign that I have been teaching to long and have become very jaded. But, I learned that the entire staff has throughout the building. Therefore, it isn't just me. There is just some increased stress this year.

Honestly, I think we had TOO MANY workdays before the kids came back. We didn't need that much time, so we thought of things to stress about - or at least I did.

The kids come back on Monday. I will be tired every day next week, but somehow, I think the stress will go away. After all, we are all about the kids. With the kids missing school just isn't school. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

EVERYONE was home!

There was a International Champions Cup soccer game in Charlotte this weekend, so I had a house full of twenty year olds for two days. My son was home, he had a friend with him and my daughter is home from college for the summer.

Honestly, I had forgotten how my own kids compete for my attention. By the end of the day on Saturday, I was getting a little snippy with them. I guess this is something that I am either going to have to get used to or I am going to have to sit them down and talk this out. My daughter is home all the time, but she loves being the center of attention. My son is only home two or three times per year, so of course, he is going to get almost all of my attention during those visits. Sibling rivalry was definitely rearing it's ugly head this weekend. I hope this is something that they will grow out of and SOON!

Anyway, it was nice to have them both here under the same roof. It was almost like old times again. We had loud breakfasts, birthday cake, rip roaring games of Wii, and kayaking. I sure do like being a mom!