Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pictures as promised.

I will try not to  inundate you with pictures, but here are a few from the prom.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Rite of Passage

Tonight is prom night. Since I teach at the small school where my daughter goes, I have two responsibilities today. One is to her and one is to the school. I am the parent on our Parent Association who is in charge of prom food. So, while the daughter was off doing hair and makeup, I fed the volunteers who decorated for the prom.

I am home now waiting to see the beautiful results! The kids will all meet here for pictures in  a little over an hour from now. After pictures, they will head off for dinner. My husband and I will get dressed, gather up the food, and take it to the venue.

At the prom, I turn into my teacher self. My job is to check the students in and make sure they have their tickets. I also greet any dignitaries who show up. (In my small county, local politicians and school board members, always make appearances at these type of events.) Checking students in keeps me out of the limelight and I get to see them all before they mess up their formal wear.

My husband will help set up the food table and then help me with the check in.

I have been a part of this rite of passage for many teenagers over the years, but this one is going to be the most special. It is my daughter's last prom. I just hope that she has a great, safe night.

I promise to post pictures later!