Sunday, October 23, 2016

Still reclaiming the house but off course just a bit

The work on the bathroom just seems to go slowly. I am almost finished now. I need to paint the cabinet and the sink and then put in the new floors. I thought that I would get it done this summer, but I was thrown off course when I couldn't get the paint color I wanted for the bathroom counter. I had to rethink my whole idea. That took a few weeks of research on Pinterest. Once I settled on a new color scheme, that is when the daughter returned for the summer and took over the premises. Oh well...I didn't get much reclaiming done this summer.

This weekend's step was to gather up all the rest of the bathroom supplies and take them upstairs. Now, I can start painting whenever I am ready and have a little time.

Of course, there are more projects to do. We need to get into our daughter's room, clean it out, and then start redecorating in there as well. BUT, in the meantime, the cat I rescued while out walking this summer had SIX kittens inside the couch of the man cave!! They have kept us quite busy!

Ok. They are cute! They are now seven weeks old which means we can send them off to new homes after next week. They all have appointments to see the vet on Friday afternoon. They will be checked out and wormed and then ready to find new forever homes.

However, now my basement smells like crazy cat lady's house. So, we have decided that we are going to have to go out of the order I had planned and redecorate the man cave next. We are going to have to pull everything out of there to get the place clean anyway, so we might as well pull everything out and redo, right?

Looks to me like we are ready for a weekend of shopping! Maybe after my hubby gets back from London, things will settle down. Kittens should be out of the house by then.