Thursday, October 8, 2015

Living Life

I usually take a couple of mental health days each school year. I usually take them about 1/2 way through a long stretch of days when we aren't going to have a break. I had one planned for September that had to be rescheduled, so I have ended up with two here back to back..

Last Friday, I spent the day at the spa. I had a manicure, a pedicure, and a facial. Just me, the spa and no one else. I was so relaxed afterwards! After supper last Friday, I slept for 14 hours!! Saturday morning, I felt like a whole new person.

Today, my husband and I have reservations for the behind the scenes tour at Sierra Nevada. They only do this on Thursdays. I am on break next Thursday, but that day was sold out, so we are going today. I was going to have someone cover for me, but it turns out that today is a day when some standardized testing occurs. So, I got a sub. That way, there's an extra adult in the building. This is mental health day number 2.

Basically, life is interfering with my job this month. I only have ONE more day that I am taking...I promise!!