Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Artic Blast of the Year

Like most of the country, here in North Carolina we are experiencing a dramatic drop in temperatures. On Wednesday, we had a beautiful Carolina blue sunny day with warm temperatures in the 70's. Today (Saturday), I woke up to a frigid 22 degree morning. I am even contemplating starting a fire to stave off the cold!

Unfortunately, on cold mornings, my joints hurt. I mean they really hurt. I feel like the Tin Man in need of a good oiling. (Where are Dorothy and the Scarecrow when I need them?) I creak and pop and move very slowly on days like this.

Sometimes, I forget that I am getting older. In my head, I don't feel 50ish. My body on the other hand, likes to remind me at least once a day. For instance, when my husband was out of town, I let my daughter determine our menu plan for the week. I definitely can't eat like a teenager any more! First of all, I gained 2 pounds! (She didn't gain an ounce!) Secondly, I had tummy issues after about the third meal!

Part of coping with the almost empty nest is coping with getting older. Sometimes I want to just give in and get old...other times, I want to fight every step of the way! Today, its cold....can I just roll up in a blanket please?