Saturday, July 9, 2016

Weekend at Home

Sometimes it feels as though we are just never here. We seem to be on the go ALL THE TIME.  I spent most of last week with one side of the family or another up in West Virginia. I made multiple trips back and forth to my home state.

This weekend, we are home bodies. I am loving the time here in my own home. I love being able to catch up on chores and being able to enjoy my tiki porch. I love the slower non-traveling pace.

Today, I finished washing down the refrigerator. I took it all apart, piece by piece, and washed it all down. I hate that chore but always feel so accomplished when I see my refrigerator all cleaned out and shining like new.

Of course, along with a shiny clean refrigerator, I also have to have clean floors and counters. So, I cleaned those as well. Now, I have a nice clean kitchen for cooking and serving dinner. My youngest is home from college for the summer - this means that the nice clean kitchen will last about 30 seconds after she gets home from work! Well, at least I got to look at it for 30 seconds, right?

Tomorrow, we have NO PLANS. I am as happy as a clam. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I really like thinking of all the possibilities.