Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Warmer Weekend

We made our second annual trek to the rescheduled Winter Warmer in Asheville this weekend. It was a much more laid back festival than last year, but still fun.

I am not sure if the festival was because it was rescheduled or if it was just going to be a smaller event anyway. I rather liked the smaller crowd because I got a chance to talk to the brewers and vendors. We even found a couple of new close by breweries that we may go try.

My main concern yesterday was NOT to over do it like I did last year. My big day for this weekend is today! I want to be ready for the Super Bowl this evening. I am just so excited that my beloved Panthers are in the Super Bowl that it trumps eveything...even the winter warmer.

I really keep track of the beers I tasted yesterday. Tossed them out if they did have immediate appeal and drank lots and lots of water. I feel perfectly fine today...just a little tired...nothing that a nap won't fix.

I love going to these festivals with my hubby. I just wish this one hadn't been on Super Bowl weekend.