Sunday, January 15, 2017

Still DeCluttering (Is that even a word?)

I am still decluttering. This week, I have gone through several drawers and the dreaded food containers. I have to admit...I saved that one for last.

However, the biggest challenge was actually the kitchen junk drawer. I made the mistake of pulling everything out of the drawer with my husband present. That was a big NO NO!! He had a reason for saving just about everything. Oh my goodness! Luckily, I was able to convince him that we really didn't need the wrapper for the batteries. I could put them in a little basket so that we could find them easily.

In that drawer a found a brand new box of chalk for our message board that I didn't know we had. I put it in another basket to keep it all together - old and new. I also have to say that my family found it quite entertaining to watch me break the new chalk. They had never seen anyone do that before. Are there any teachers out there who have used chalkboards? Did you break your new chalk? I always did (and still do) because I found that the edges on new pieces of chalk don't write as well. My husband and daughter watched me do that today to the new pieces of chalk and found it hysterical! Old habits die hard, I suppose.

My daughter went back to school this morning. Tomorrow I will tackle the mess she left in the bathroom. Wish me luck!