Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cleaning Out

Today I begin the sad and daunting task of cleaning out my son's old room. This is rather bittersweet for me. I have to finally admit that he will not be coming back here to live when he graduates in August. I wonder if every parent goes through this or is it just me?

I have decided to turn the room into a retreat for me. I want a place that is cozy and cute that I can enjoy.  We have been using that little room as a dumping ground for anything we didn't want to deal with. The attic is full of who knows what, the closets have clothes that haven't been worn since 1978 and we won't even talk about the floors! This room has become the giant vacuum cleaner of the house! If it is lost, it is probably hidden up there behind or under something.

I will blog about my progress as I go along. I hope this keeps me motivated enough to get it done. Please don't judge me...but here are the before pics.

If I am not out by lunch time, someone send in a search party!