Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh my....who knew it was going to be this hard!

I have worked just about every morning this week on cleaning out that upper back bedroom. I can only handle it for about 30 minutes at a clip and then I just have to go and do something else. (I'm a little ADD that way.) 

It gets hot up there after lunch, so that is when I deal with whatever got yanked out of the closet, out from under the bed, or out of a basket etc...Because the room was my daughters when she was little, today, I actually started to run into my son's old things. Old collectibles, sports balls, shoes...and YUCK, a jock strap...YUCK! 

I have managed to sell a few things online and have a great big box ready for our upcoming yard sale. I post pictures online of the things I want to sell and see who bites. Anything that is not sold by the weekend will go into the outdoor Yard Sale we will have next month. (I hope) 

I also have a box ready for donations. I will need to get it out of here before the daughter gets back from her trip, or I won't be able to get rid of any of it....

Here's some pics of the progress thus far...


I probably should have taken a picture of the HUGE pile of trash that was put out by the curb for yesterday's pick up, but I was just too embarrassed.