Sunday, June 1, 2014

The ALMOST empty nest.

This is officially the beginning of our youngest child's summer between her junior and senior year of high school. I find that I have mixed feelings about this. One part of me is excited that I have one more year until I get my life back while the other part of me is devastated that I only have one more year with a child at home.

The last baby bird (our second) to leave the nest is so much different than the first. This time, I know what to expect. This time, I know that I am going to grieve.  This time, I have an understanding of what I am going to go through. This time, the dread is much worse.

I am determined to enjoy this last year. I am determined to prepare for the loss and to embrace my new found freedom as an aging Yuppy. (Is there such thing as an aging Yuppy?) Maybe I should make up a new term?

Fiftyish Empty Nesters FENS???? I love it...We will be FENS!! Just like a Jimmy Buffett tune!