Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Moving The Oldest Out of the House

Well, it's done. My oldest baby, R,  is now out and on his own. He should start classes on July 14th and graduate on August 15th. He isn't walking or anything - he will just be finished with his classes.

I gotta say that it was difficult to leave him there on Saturday. I had forgotten how nasty a first place can be - especially one with three twenty something guys in it! YUCK! After we left, I felt like I needed a scrub down. R is very proud of his new house, though. He loves the location and his new bedroom. He loves that it has been remodeled (I would HATE to see what it looked like before!). BUT, I gotta say, if I could have given it a good cleaning - it might not have been so bad.

In an old Cosby Show episode, Cliff and Claire go to have dinner with newly weds Sondra and Elvin. The couple live in a terrible apartment with awful furniture. Of course this is all dealt with in a comedic manner. I gotta say, I was thinking about that episode on Saturday and wishing for something comedic. Thinking about the episode did help me get through watching them put together the futon and unpacking the boxes. After we got out of there, I just lost it.

"We have moved him into a hell hole!" I said as I cried and cried. My husband assured me that our son was going to be okay. He reminded me that R was very proud of his new digs.

I guess I am just going to have to remember that there will be no place for R to go but up from here.