Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Cleaning Out is Done for Now

The room itself is as clean as it is going to get until after the painters come next week. The ceiling needs repaired and painted before I start redecorating. Our son's things from that room have been carted up to West Virginia and have been deposited into his new home. There are still a few odds and ends lying about, but I'll take care of that after the painters are finished. I plan to get my husband to help me move those cubbies sometime tonight or tomorrow night.

My daughter's actual bedroom is a nightmare, but she is coming home today, so the goal for this morning was to get the back bedroom and bathroom finished before she hits her own bedroom and crashes. Since she slept 20 hours after her trip to Kansas City, I figure she will be just as jet lagged tonight and into tomorrow. I don't want to have to work around her while she rests for the next couple of days. There are still a couple of boxes of her things in the back closet, but she and I go through them this weekend.
I moved the hall table into the living room to create more of an entry way type space. I have a couple of paint chips there on top to help me pick out which shade of yellow I want to choose. I have learned to bring home a couple of paint chips and then attach them to the walls or furniture and observe the colors in different lighting for a few days. This little trick helps me choose the perfect shade of paint. After a day or two of observing the paint chips, I almost always end up choosing a different shade than I had originally planned.

All in all, it has been a productive few weeks. The most important lesson I have learned is that once the kids are gone, I will have all kinds of time...will I have the inkling? Well, that's a whole different story.